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St. Arbucks
08-22-2011, 12:37 PM
When I saw Stan?s offer for red LED?s, my first thought was Why Red? Red works great if you are aiming them behind, but I?ve never been much of a behind. Why not amber? I thought. Or orange? Or dark yellow? That way, we could highlight our sides and front.

I e-penned a note to Stan in which I opined that amber would make a great addition to his robust product line (that being the aforementioned red). To my amazement, he actually answered me. Me! A nobody! A return email! And they say that corporations don?t care about the little guy anymore.

Well, Stan and I quickly struck a deal whereby he would make me a set of amber LED?s, and I would pay him for them. Sounded fair. So I agreed, and he did, and I did.

Install them, that is. I put them on the side of each handguard on my Wee. Three on each side. Drilled holes and they popped right through. Then secured with black RTV on the inside.

And man, do they look great. Like me, these LED?s are exceptionally bright. They light up like mini H-bomb?s at ground zero and throw solar-guided satellites out of their orbit. First time I tired them, the phone rang and it was NASA! Guess I got a bit carried away. (From now on, I have to call them before I go riding.)

So there. A shameless plug for Stan?s amber LED?s. Not to be confused with Stan?s red LED?s. Both of which are guaranteed to give you miles of smiles OR you are free to buy new ones. No questions asked!

(I'm trying to post pix of the install. Bear with me if it doesn't work the first time. Neither did socialism.)

08-22-2011, 01:42 PM
That looks good!! Nice job!

08-22-2011, 01:44 PM
Ha, Jim your creative writing is only exceeded by you workmanship !

My central corporate office gave me a hard time about trying something so radically different, but after
convincing them the amber lights are actually easier to see (as shown by faster reaction times ), they ok'd the deal .

Those look very nice .