View Full Version : CO-Colorado Wondervu Cafe near Pinecliffe (on 72)

08-27-2009, 11:36 AM
This is a fun little place I ride past all the time, Karla and I finally decided to stop there last night for dinner and a beverage. It's right on a loop I do from my house, so it's a sweet little place to stop!


Atmosphere was great, this place has been in continuous service for 35 years!
Definitely a local hangout, we listened in to some interesting conversations
Food was very tasty, more New Mexican than Mexican, reminded me of Albuquerque
Awesome menu, lots of authentic dishes. They use sopapillas in almost all their desserts. yum.
They make their own salsa, which is AWESOME
Portions are really big, we could've split our order and will in the future to save $
The margs were tasty. If you have more than one person order the 1/2 liter. It's twice the cost of one marg and will result in just over 4 glasses full.
Nice beer selection, XX Amber on tap which is a winner for me
Service was fantastic and quick
Outdoor patio is really nice
Our server told us everything was made from scratch, and I believe her!
Easy to find (right on 72) and there is enough parking
View of the sunset was AWESOME


A bit pricey (I'm a cheapskate), you pay for the location, atmosphere and service for sure. Split a meal and it gets easier on the wallet

Website: http://wondervucafe.com/