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About and STOC

STOC - ST Owners Club is a community consisting of several ST-related sites.

If you read THIS post, you'll learn a bit more about this. is just one of those sites.

Adding Maps to Signatures

Many members like to show the states they've ridden in. This thread should help with instructions on how to show those maps.

Security Token Message ??

This usually occurs when uploading pictures to the site. The site has file size and picture dimension restrictions but must upload the pic to the server first before checking those attributes. When a picture is too large for the server to handle, the security token message will be shown. Please reduce pictures to less than 400k in size and no bigger than 1000x1000 pixels.

So Many Sub-Forums, why?

Searching is the main reason.

Say you want to find some specific information on handlebars, windshields or lighting. If you search the entire site you'll find every post with those words.

Having many categorized sub-forums allows a member to search a very specific area to find the most useful information available. Otherwise, it could be frustrating searching through common discussion posts to find the intended information. Some have stated they believe that posting in one of the many sub-forums will not get the visibility of say posting in the general sub-forum, however, most members on the site do not view the side one sub-forum at a time, they use the 'New Posts' or 'Unread Posts' links. Those are search tools that list the new activity on the site in a chronological order,- newest posts first', regardless of the actual location of the post.


Glossary of common terms used on the site.

ATGATT - All The Gear, All The Time

Chicken Strips - Chicken strips are the parts at the edges of your tires that haven't been scrubbed in yet. After a good day of riding you can clearly see the unused portion of the tire. Some riders have used this as an inicator of how good another rider is due to the amount of unused tire left however, here we don't care, ride your own ride.

Farkle - Also known as an accessory.

FWIW - For What It's Worth

IIRC - If I Remember Correctly

IMHO / IMO - In My Honest Opinion / In My Opinion

RTE - Ride To Eat event

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary

Site Donations

Donations to the site go towards the expense to run the site as well as any promotions which will ultimately benefit the members of the site.

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