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Thread: Stuck in first gear

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    Re: Stuck in first gear

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Shadow
    . If you are hit with such a light force that it would hold you back then a better option is to stop far enough back from the vehicle in front of you so that you have room to maneuver to the side of that vehicle or you have time to stop before you hit it.
    I've seen shoes on the ground at the POI were people were knocked out of them and not just having them dragged off their feet.

    I think inertia is your enemy in a rear end T/C. Your bike is struck and propelled forward and likely in almost if not every case— out from under you.

    A bump would be the exception assume the energy wasn't sufficient enough to break your grip on the bars.

    So the range of impact is light enough to barely move you (in which case a foot on the brake should help) to enough force to push the bike across pavement regardless of some brake being applied. Another factor is your reaction to impact. Maybe if you see it coming you can a) evade it or b) ride it out to a safe zone that's not the back of the car in front of you.

    My guess is that most people will never see it coming. Boom and they're caught unaware. That strikes me (npi) as having little to no time to do a damn thing but hit the ground with the bike assuming you're not pinned against the vehicle in front of you.

    I think this falls into the 'had to lay it down' category in that we'd like to think we had some actual control in/of the situation when we actually didn't.

    While I do keep my right foot on the brake the reason is a practical one— a habit of living near an incline where you have to keep the bike from rolling backwards until the light changes.
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    Re: Stuck in first gear

    This is an interesting discussion that has me assessing how I control my bike when stopped at an intersection. I normally use my right hand for both brake and gas when stopped, with my index and middle fingers on the brake (the same as when I'm covering the brake during riding) and the other two, plus thumb, to control the throttle and two feet on the ground. I'll try the one foot on the rear brake technique and see if I can make the change. I've been riding 45 years so that won't come easy.

    One thing already mentioned, which I'll second, is leaving sufficient space between yourself and the vehicle stopped ahead of your. I believe in leaving enough space so you can easily pull up beside them, or around them, if you see headlights rapidly looming in your rear view. Space, plus lane placement (left or right of centre) provides an escape route in that scenario.

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