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Thread: Oxford Hotgrips Installation

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    Oxford Hotgrips Installation

    Hi all,

    This may be one of those self-answering questions, but maybe not.
    I have bought a pair of Oxford HotGrips and just need a hand with installation, I have no garage or anything so dont fancy leaving anything in a half-finished state while i read up some more, it all has to be done in one go.

    I have read through the instructions, but have not managed to find any illustrations with the ST1100. is it very difficult to install these or could anyone do it?
    I have a garmin Zumo GPS already wired in as well as a (not used) autocom system, so stuff has already been wired up, but i dont know what that means!
    The oxford manual says to wire it directly to the battery, but i dont know if thats a bad idea, i am never the type to leave things switched on after leaving the bike but maybe I should connect it to something else, like a relay or something?
    Either way, i guess i need to open the bike up and see what the current wiring situation is?

    If i have some kind of accessories fuse box, what do i do with it? the connectors on the hot-grips are circular so as to go round battery contacts, and i am guessing a fuse box will be different?

    any help in this (these) area(s) will be much appreciated!!


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    Re: Oxford Hotgrips Installation

    Hi, I used a Centech fuse box on my ST1300 but it would be the same for your ST1100. IMHO, it is better to have a switched power supply to avoid the possibility of battery drain.

    If you go onto the UK Pan site, there is a guy who goes by the name of Fink who will make you a switched harness with full instructions for a very reasonable sum.

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    Re: Oxford Hotgrips Installation

    Sound like the grips have bullet style connectors on them. Not a big deal the mates should be available in an autoparts store or online as are the blade type faston (trade name) type that would likely be on a acc fuse panel you pick up. A lot of folks burry a acc fuse panel behind the rear seat in the tail, at least on the st1300's.

    Plenty of threads on wiring a relay to power the fuse panel only when the bike is switched on.
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    Re: Oxford Hotgrips Installation

    Haha, cool, i will have a look see whats on the old girl this evening, it already has a garmin Zumo mount on the bars and that doesnt get any power until i switch on the bike, so i am guessing something has already been done in that vane. As you may have guessed i only acquired this lovely machine recently so am still figuring out all the kit!


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