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Thread: ST1100 Sandy Bike Spares exhaust

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    ST1100 Sandy Bike Spares exhaust

    I have now taken the plunge and fitted a stainless steel exhaust from Sandy Bike Spares. There are a couple of pros and cons I can see so far, along with a few doesn't matters.

    - It's a lot quieter than my old, blowing, rusty OEM pipe. Which is definitely a good thing
    - Cheap(er than most) ~ same as Delkevic
    - Silencers are closer in to the bike, no more pillion boot melting.

    - Comes with 2 downpipes and a seperate collector box. There is no split outer pipe with clips to help seal these together, just the joint putty. Stopping the gas leaks where these meet has just taken about 3 or 4 hours, and it still isn't perfect (just fed up, so no more today, at least it is easy to access if ever I need to add more putty.)

    Anyway. The bike is running just great, though I think I need to go for a ride to check my warm idle speed (found the idle speed adjuster next to the fuel filler cap, but didn't know what it was. Had a bit of a play and returned it to where it was, but should check it anyway). Fairly happy so far, will see what happens in the next 10-30,000 miles.

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    Re: ST1100 Sandy Bike Spares exhaust

    I `ve fitted that same system to my bike a fortnight ago and agree with those comments above. The large gap between pipes and collector box was to ease removal in the future ( poor excuse imo ) and I had the same problem trying to seal all around the collector box joint. I backed off the collector and spread the supplied exhaust putty by finger and screwdriver as best I could and it seems to have sealed -would have been a much better product with split connections and gaskets both ends, instead of just the silencer joints.Also better fitting advice would help eg where to position the clamp tightener on the collector/silencer joint so that it allows the centre stand to fully retract ( as I found out after putting the side panels and panniers back on )Looks and sounds good though !

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    Re: ST1100 Sandy Bike Spares exhaust

    I Just bought two silencers from Sandy Bikes, and fitted them to my existing stainless steel downpipes and collector box that i bought from ebay about 2 months ago. I fitted new gasket seals and slotted in the silencers.....a neat fit. Instead of using the clamps supplied by Sandy Bikes, i bout 2 x "U" clamps from the local car accessory shop...@ ?1.10 each and tightened them putty needed, a clean fit ant no leaks...

    A Happy chappy and a DIY job that took about 40 minutes...


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    Re: ST1100 Sandy Bike Spares exhaust

    The putty was for the downpipes to collector box joint, the silencers fitted with no problems with the supplied gaskets.

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