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Thread: 1st ticket in 24 years!

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    Re: 1st ticket in 24 years!

    Quote Originally Posted by iride View Post
    I have a Escort 850 and when i am in traffic it lets me know Laser is being used,,, Now when I am the leader of the pack when its says beep I am the target
    Its like the instant on radar, They pull the trigger and bam,,, But I keep my eyes open when I am speeding,,
    I think the tickets in Texas are BIG money, but not as big as Calif,
    You got that right. DAMHIK
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    Re: 1st ticket in 24 years!

    My only question in all of this is: Do I plead guilty or not guilty on the form to send in? I was speeding, so technically I am guilty, but I don't want to leave it at that. I guess I'm answering my own question, because pleading not guilty is the only way to get a court date.  sm.jpg

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