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Thread: ST1300 - MCL Generation I mod

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    ST1300 - MCL Generation I mod

    I purchased a 2005 ST1300 with MCL Gen I blades. They hurt like hell since I could not straighten my legs. I debated purchasing the Gen IIs but wasn't sure if they would fit much better since I have 29.5 inseam. With the 29.5 inseam, I have the seat on the bottom setting. My Achilles landed on the back of the blade. My mod was to relieve the shoulder so the blade would swing further.

    The base is made of aluminum and easy to cut. I used a drill press with an endmill. I modified the pocket the blade fit into, so that it could go forward another 20 degrees and give me another 2 inches. Though the blade no longer lays square to the bike, its comfortable. My second picture shows how the relieved blades rest. I can rest the heel of my boot on the blade, or on the peg. I had gone to the hardware store and added 2" toggle bolts with button heads on the top, as pictured.

    I had a minor adjustment to the plastic shroud, extending the slot a quarter inch. And i had to modify the bottom side just a little to clear the bottom surface. It's just a little corner cut. I did this on a That's the blurry pic.

    I thought this may helpful to someone, if they are handy.
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