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Thread: LED Headlight Conversion

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    Re: LED Headlight Conversion

    Quote Originally Posted by ST Gui View Post
    I think the purpose of the seal is to limit dust and condensation more than actual water. And getting water in that area might also damage the reflector.

    I haven't seen any posts mention water getting to the fan/heat sink area or complain of getting any water up in that area. So it's probably not a problem unless maybe if you ride in a lot of very heavy rain and go through a lot of puddles. Maybe.

    I live in a drought to semi-droungt area and avoids the rain as much as possible and haven't see any evidence of moisture behind the fairing.
    Put in the G6s and soon thereafter went through a torrential rain. I got water in the headlight assembly. That was a couple weeks ago, and it's quite difficult to get water out. Still haven't got it all out. Doesn't cause any problems except for some condensation on the inside of the lens. This winter, I'll see about taking the assembly off and draining it out.
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    Re: LED Headlight Conversion

    Quote Originally Posted by bamamike View Post
    where can I get the trick clear/amber lens thingy??
    Have a look at the links in the first post of this thread- Switchback LEDs.

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    Re: LED Headlight Conversion

    I have found that the visibility for oncoming drivers is much better with the LED lights. It just creates a larger light area to grab their attention.

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