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Pete’s Excellent Desert Adventure - Part III
Thanks for the ride report. I'll be in Phoenix in April. I'm renting a Goldwing from Arizona Fun Time Rentals for 7 days.

I won't be hitting the same areas as you. I'll be heading mostly north. Here's a summary of my plans:

Day 1 130 miles
Arizona fun time rentals, Phoenix, AZ
visit: Montezuma Castle
Sedona, AZ

Day 2 190 miles
through Flagstaff, AZ
through Winslow, AZ
visit: Petrified National Park
Holbrook, AZ

Day 3 210
grand canyon Village, AZ

Day 4 150 miles
visit: Grand Canyon on Desert View Drive
Lake Powell ,AZ

Day 5 150 miles
Bryce Canyon National Park visitor center
Visit: Bryce Canyon
Bryce, UT

Day 6 280 miles
visit: Parowan petroglyphs
Hendersen, NV

Day 7 300 miles
visit: Hoover Dam
Arizona fun time rentals, phoenix, AZ