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will a rear sensor from a 1993 model be the same as my 2001 one?
According to various Fiches I have looked at (Ron Ayres, FowlersParts, Lings Honda ....
The 2000 part # is 38510MAJ781, the 1993 part number is 38510MY3781

Sites like Patzilla and Bike Parts Honda list the 38510MAJ781 as being used on the Pan from about 1995 on.

Googling both part numbers and looking at the pics, its hard to spot the difference, but I guess that there must be one.

Check out the info for yourself - FowlersParts is probably the best option for part numbers for UK models.
I note that there isn't a UK model listed for 2001 - check the label on the frame under the seat for the actual model number - it will probably say ST1100AY for a 2000 model (Y=2000). If that is no longer there, check the 10th character of the VIN.