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Thread: Shinko Raven Tires

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    Re: Shinko Raven Tires

    Quote Originally Posted by Shutterbug View Post
    Hojo, The Raven is specifically designed for sport touring, so the tire is different from the Shinko sport bike tires.
    I have had no problems with the Raven in the rain even at freeway speeds. I also contacted Shinko about making a matching front tire for the ST and was told the demand is too low to make the 18" front. Why doesn't the ST have a 17" front tire? What does the larger size do for the rider?
    I agree they are two different tires, but I now wonder about the quality they may have in general. I just saw some more photos within the last hour of some more failed tires.

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    Re: Shinko Raven Tires

    Quality control problems?
    Check yo self or wreck yo self

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    Re: Shinko Raven Tires

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Red View Post
    Quality control problems?
    That or the rubber compound on the 705's at least. If you want to read more, you can find it below (but again, it is a different style of tire than for the ST).

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    Old Metzler ME 880 with Shinko Raven

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    Re: Shinko Raven Tires

    June 29th

    I've the Raven on for just over 5,000 miles and it still looks good.

    Mainly used zipping around the N GA mountains so the wear rate seems pretty good to date

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    Re: Shinko Raven Tires

    I bought a Shinko, but tore a chunk out of the bead trying to install it myself. Never got to try it out... Lanman had a Shinko on his at CampStoc, but he had to get a new tire over that weekend as the Shinko wore rapidly towards the end. He only got something over 3k iirc.

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    Re: Shinko Raven Tires

    Another update.

    The rear Raven is toast. It's down to / below the wear bars in the center of the tire.

    Total mileage about 5,900 miles. As usual the last bit of tread looks like it could last a 1,000 miles and with a blink of the eye it was gone.

    Cost with instalaltion was $125

    I used Metzler ME 880 for the past 50,000 miles and they've averaged about 7,000 miles.

    Cost with installation $246

    Both costs include me removing the wheel and taking it to the tire guy.

    I have the time to do this and prefer it so I can clean the wheel, exhaust pipes and amke sure everything get correctly cleaned and greased up etc etc.

    I'm waiting for another Shink Raven to be delivered. I have no qualms about using this brand.

    I have used the 705 on my KLR and now use the 244.


    At nearly 83,000 miles the splines look factory new.
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