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Thread: Mountaineer Expressway (US-19)

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    Mountaineer Expressway (US-19)

    Will be taking a cold weather ride (forecast expected in the high 40's) next Saturday, Nov 6th and returning south on Tuesday ... Planning on using the Mountaineer Expressway as a shortcut from I-77 to I-79. Eventual destination is Stonewall Jackson State Park.

    Question for the locals is ... what's the road like? Can I make good time? Would I be better off staying on I-77 if there is any expectation of rain?

    Thanks ...

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    Re: Mountaineer Expressway (US-19)

    Rt 19 is a 4 lane that will cut about 45 minutes and 45 miles off of your ride from Beckley, WV to MM57 of I79 near Sutton, WV, versus I77 to I79 thru Charleston, WV. Also I77 from Beckley to Charleston is a toll road.

    Rt19 is a good road that will take you across New River Gorge Bridge. Just beware that from Beckley to past Summersrville to stay at or below the speed limit, especially around Summersville which is a well known speed trap.

    Stonewall Jackson State Park is a beautiful WV Resort State Park and if you want a great road to explore take Rt 19 South from Stonewall Jackson to RT 4 East to Rt 20 south. A great twisty road.

    Have a great trip...

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    Re: Mountaineer Expressway (US-19)

    Thanks for the report ... Sort of figured it would save some time ... AND money! I looked at a satellite composite and it appeared that Rt 4 runs along a ridge ... that will be on the agenda for the ride home on Tuesday. I just hope it doesn't get any colder than forecast... my old Michigan bones have become accustomed to warmer southern weather Used to be that the high 40's wasn't a big deal... now I find myself bundling up and stuffing heat packs into every crevice possible.

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